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White Gold Wall Rock Wall Rock
Northern California Quarries

Sonoma Moss Rock, ironically is not from Sonoma, at least not anymore. I have driven all over Napa and Sonoma Counties from one project to the next and I can assure you that almost every rock in the fields around there has already been put to good use. Sonoma Moss Rock as typically harvested from the Redding and Mount Shasta and surrounding ranch lands. It is typically an ancient reddish brown lava rock covered with lichens and or moss on the exposed surface side.

Once installed into the landscape or used for rock wall the lichens and moss will get healthy again and provide a very natural appearance. An occasional hose or landscape sprinkler watering is necessary to the tiny plants healthy and growing again.

These are semi round to angular, brownish red rock harvested from ranch lands of Northern California. Portions of the boulders often feature large amounts moss and lichen. These boulders are best used in coastal to coastal inland areas where fog will sustain the lichen and moss on the rock.

Sonoma Moss Fieldstone Wall Rock