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Catalina Cove Green Rock
Northern California quarry
A granitic stone material in origin.

Catalina Cove is a great pathway material and ground cover material for planterbeds. Production is very limited on this rock, another option is Catalina Cove Green Rock. Catalina Cove Rock in larger sizes and boulders are excellent for water features and backing material in wetland areas. This rock arrives greyish green but oxidizes and eathers through rain to become good soft green landscape rock. It works very well as a contrast material against other darker rock or wood mulch materials.

Material Size Choices
The use of decorative rock as a landscape ground cover or rock mulch to save water needs to be attractive to be effective. We believe that in most residential landscape and garden installation circumstances this is best done with 3/8" screened rock and not 3/4" screened rock. For pathways and drive areas where foot traffic is expected 3/8" rock materials are best. 3/4" rock works great in very large planterbeds and is important design element in large residential and commercial landscapes. For more creative rock work designs consider using various sizes of rock ruble from 1 through 12 inches.
Catalina Cove Green Rock